Aluminum folding tent manufacturers take you to understand the relationship between tent price and thickness

The manufacturer of aluminum folding tent tells you that it is widely used in various fields, and the attention has been significantly improved in a very short period of time. Therefore, the price of aluminum folding tent has become a topic of concern again and again. When purchasing aluminum folding tent, Looking at the thickness, the thicker the thickness, the better the quality and the higher the price, is this statement correct? Today we will take a look at the relationship between price and thickness!

Cheap aluminum folding tent Wholesale Price
1. Raw material: Define the price according to different sub-bids of fibers. In addition, raw materials are also divided into specifications such as pure raw materials, raw materials, flower materials, etc. The prices of different raw materials are also very different.
2. Specifications: The aluminum folding tent manufacturer tells you that under the premise of using the same raw materials, the higher the weight, the higher the price. Due to the thick thickness, the gram weight will also increase relatively, so it will indirectly affect the price to a certain extent.
3. Width: At present, the width of domestic equipment is a specified value, and the factor specified by the manufacturer is used as the standard width, and the width that is not divisible is a special width. Due to the large loss of normal width, the price of standard width is lower than that of special width.
4. Company qualifications: Aluminum folding tent manufacturers tell you that with the rapid development of the industry, there are many material manufacturers. Choose a company with complete qualifications, no matter in terms of hard price production equipment, testing equipment, personnel quality, after-sales service, etc. Higher than small companies with insufficient qualifications. Therefore, the price will be high, but the quality and after-sales are guaranteed.

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