How should aluminum folding canopy be maintained and maintained

The aluminum folding canopy manufacturer will introduce to you how to maintain and maintain the folding canopy:
1. The folding canopy can only be put away after it is cleaned and dried. When the wet canopy has to be put away, please remember to fully unfold it and dry it at the first opportunity.

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2. When cleaning the aluminum folding canopy, it should be fully opened and carried out when it is dry. The correct steps should be used when cleaning and maintaining, don't lean on the folding canopy, and don't press too hard on it. Before any operation on the outdoor canopy with automatic controller, please be sure to cut off the power supply and turn off the automatic control device.
3. Whether the folding canopy needs to be cleaned depends largely on the environment (traffic density, air pollution, industrial pollution, etc.). When the canopy needs to be cleaned, the requirements are as follows:
  (1) Use a soft brush to remove dust regularly when the aluminum folding canopy is dry.
  (2) Branches, leaves and similar objects should be cleaned up in time.
  (3) If there is a small piece of stain on the cloth, use a soft brush dipped in ordinary detergent to lightly brush it, and then rinse it with clean water several times until there is no residual detergent on the fabric, and then open it to dry.
4. For parts made of high-grade aluminum alloy on the outdoor awning, acidic (such as hydrogen chloride) or abrasive materials (such as abrasive pads, emery paper, sandpaper, pumice, etc.) cannot be used, as they can damage the surface of the awning.
5. The cleaning of the aluminum alloy frame should be treated with special care, generally with a soft cloth and detergent. And note that the cleaning agent used on high-grade aluminum alloys must not touch the cloth of the folding awning.
6. Based on many human factors, it is determined that many situations will occur, and we cannot list them one by one in the maintenance instructions. Contact the supplier to make a maintenance plan, so that the Xigao series outdoor aluminum folding canopy will last longer, be more complete, and be more beautiful.

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