How to choose Marquee awning fabric

Marquee awning has a comprehensive outdoor shading function, which can completely block ultraviolet radiation and reduce temperature.

customized Marquee awning company
Marquee awning has a variety of patterns and colors for covering cloth, which users can choose according to their preferences. However, not every user knows how to choose a good shade cloth. In order to better help customers choose a satisfactory Marquee awning. Introduce you how to choose Marquee awning fabric and its performance requirements:
(1) Marquee awning fabric should ensure constant size and no deformation.
(2) The surface of the fabric is flat and smooth to ensure smooth winding and prevent the occurrence of deviations, wrinkles or unsmooth winding of the fabric.
(3) The fabric should have sufficient tensile and tear strength to prevent the danger of being torn under severe weather conditions.
(4) The connection between the fabrics should adopt the articulation welding process to ensure that the fabrics have sufficient strength.
(5) Marquee awning fabrics should ensure good color fixation.
(6) The surface of Marquee awning fabric should have certain anti-pollution performance, easy to clean, simple and convenient to maintain.
(7) It is recommended to use a dark color for the fabric (or face the dark side of the fabric toward the outside) to achieve a better shading effect.

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