Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of Dome tent

Dome tent manufacturers tell you that when camping outdoors, you must be inseparable from tools such as tents. Today, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Dome tent.

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The one-piece Dome tent, also known as "yurt", is composed of several battalion pillars crossed and can be moved as a whole.
Advantages and disadvantages of Dome tent:
The dome design is suitable for a wide range of applications, from low altitudes to high mountains, and from a single account to a size that can accommodate a dozen people for dinner and meetings; the bracket is simple, so installation and removal are very fast; but because its windward side is equal, so the wind resistance performance will be worse.
The Dome tent can be said to be the mainstream model on the market. Due to its simple and convenient setup, it can be easily set up by a single person, and the streamlined design at the top can withstand strong winds, so it is very popular among novices. However, due to space constraints, dome tents are usually narrower than spires (or Indian models), and are more suitable for single or two people. It is definitely not easy to choose, but tents are another home for you when you are camping. You may wish to spend more time and compare slowly when choosing, so that you will not regret it after buying it!

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