What are the precautions for the use of relief tent

In the event of a disaster, people can see that relief tents will be built one by one in the open and flat places. These tents will be used as temporary resettlement points. People can adjust their living conditions inside, and sometimes some relief tents will be stored inside. Disaster relief food and medicines are all to ensure that people can use them when they encounter hunger or disease in the future.

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1. Do not touch fire
The relief tent is unlikely to come into contact with the fire source, because the materials used in the tent are generally plastic or cloth. Once these things come into contact with the fire source, they will start to burn. If the burning speed is too fast, it may affect the people living inside. The safety of personnel as well as the safety of internal materials and medicines is not worth the loss.
2. Install in accordance with regulations
It needs to see if the merchant will inform people about the correct installation process and steps, because different tents need different installation steps. Some tents have many parts, so it needs to be installed according to the regulations. If there are missing parts, it needs to be installed in time. Fill in the parts in case the tent is unsafe and unstable due to missing parts.
3. The damaged place should be repaired in time
When it is found that the relief tent is damaged, it is necessary to repair the damaged place in time. If the repair cannot be done well, the tent needs to be replaced in time. Do not let the affected people live inside the damaged tent. Doing so may cause the affected people to appear. Sickness or uncomfortable living affects rescue and other unforeseen circumstances during disaster relief.
It can be understood from the above three items that need to be paid attention to about relief tents, tents should not touch the fire source as much as possible, because once the fire is affected, the affected people and materials will be affected. When installing the tent, it must be reasonable according to the regulations. Installation, make sure the tent is in good form and well built without cutting corners.

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