What are the types of beach parasol

The beach parasol manufacturer tells you that summer is a very hot season. When this season comes, people will buy all kinds of sunshade things to use. This can help everyone spend this season happily, but before buying, We need to understand this knowledge, so what are the types of beach parasol? Let's find out together.

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Types of beach parasols:
1. Beach parasol has three categories: center column beach parasol, unilateral beach parasol, and banana hanging umbrella.
2. Although beach parasol is relatively large, it is also a relatively necessary product in our life. When we have activities or we need to carry out some projects outdoors, we cannot do it under the big sun, and outdoor beach parasol It serves the purpose of shading and protecting us very well.
3. The umbrella cloth of beach parasol is generally 8 amp polyester cloth, because polyester cloth has many functions of waterproof and UV protection. We all know that beach parasol is to be used outdoors, and some people in our lives are allergic to ultraviolet rays, so people have such a mentality that they use beach parasol to resist strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays.
4. Polyester fabric is just able to do this to meet people's needs. In addition to outdoor beach parasols, the types of beach parasols are the smaller beach parasols that people usually hold in their hands. This kind of beach parasol has more styles and is easier to carry, and can also play a certain shading effect.

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