Which umbrella rib should I choose for beach parasol customization

Beach parasol manufacturers tell you that with the progress of society and the development of science and technology. Up to now, the production of umbrellas has also undergone tremendous changes, from wooden frames with ancient traditional crafts, oil-paper umbrellas hand-made with bamboo frames, to umbrellas of various styles, crafts and materials. Not only the change of the umbrella surface, but also the other accessories and ribs of the umbrella have also undergone great changes. The previous umbrella skeletons were mostly made of wood and bamboo materials, and later began to use iron and aluminum alloy bones and fiberglass. And carbon fiber material skeleton.

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The following editor will analyze the customization of beach parasol in detail for you. Which umbrella rib is better to choose?
1. Aluminum alloy rib: Advantages: light weight, high-grade texture on the aluminum surface. Disadvantages: poor toughness, easy to bend, not durable.
2. Fiberglass rib: Advantages: good toughness, strong wind resistance and high cost performance. Disadvantages: Umbrella ribs are all original materials and feel heavy.
3. Carbon fiber umbrella rib: Beach parasol manufacturers tell you that its advantages are basically similar to glass fiber umbrella ribs, with good toughness and strong wind resistance, and its weight is lighter than that of glass fiber. The disadvantage is that the cost is too high, so there are not many users.
4. Wooden and bamboo umbrella ribs: There are not many umbrellas made of these two types of umbrella ribs. They are generally used by special groups of customers to make craft umbrellas, umbrellas for performances or umbrellas sold in scenic spots, and the production price of umbrellas higher.
5. Iron frame and steel frame: Advantages: low cost, easy access to materials, and fast production speed. Disadvantages: Umbrella ribs are easily damaged, and the wind resistance is not strong.
The above is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of several types of commonly used skeletons. Beach parasol manufacturers tell you that different customers can choose different umbrella rib materials according to their different needs.

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