Why are inflatable tube man placed at the entrance of the mall

The inflatable tube man has trembling legs and trembling waists. They swing their hands magically in the wind. They fall down and then stand up again. shopper. They are the always dancing inflatable tube man, the colorful model worker greeter at the entrance of the mall.

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You must have seen them. Whether you notice it or not, they are all dancing to their heart's content, always so enchanting, dancing in all kinds of shapes, and dancing out one after another.
If you've seen this inflatable tube man but can't name it, it's normal, it's called in various versions: Tube Man, Air Dancer, Air Dancer, or Slender Boy. Although there are many names, the basic image has not changed much. The slender body, slender arms, and short hair are the standard shape of an inflatable tube man. Occasionally, there will be advertising slogans written on the chest, and if you are lucky, you can get another face.
Especially in the wonderful writing of some manufacturers, you can also see them breaking through occupations, breaking through species, and even breaking through the blockade of the strongest legal department in the Western Hemisphere, and easily control various styles.
However, if we trace the origins of these street inflatable tube men, we will find that they are not just claws and claws growing from the street: it was born at the largest human event and was once a work of art that can enhance people's aesthetics.

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