folding gazebo blocks and absorbs UV rays

Folding gazebo manufacturers tell you that whether it is the courtyard, terrace, sun room, window of the private villa, or the window of the bedroom, or public places such as commercial pedestrian streets, coffee bars, and tea houses, shading is widely used to reflect the concept of leisure and quality life.

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Therefore, shading should not be an optional additional facility for the villa, but a sign of returning to the essential characteristics of the villa. From another perspective, residential houses with more shading elements are the embodiment of the pursuit of quality life and leisure sentiment.
In order to prevent sunlight exposure in midsummer, a folding gazebo can be made of relatively solid textiles. The awning itself not only has a decorative effect, but also blocks the sun, so that the room is protected from strong sunlight, forming a comfortable environment for indoor work and rest. .
Folding gazebo can block and absorb UV rays, which can cause great damage to floors, walls, curtains, etc. If a folding gazebo is installed. Prevents interior decoration from deteriorating and fading.
Folding gazebo can play the role of shading, and folding gazebo can avoid sunlight. Blocking the hot sun in summer can control the rise of indoor temperature, and the air-conditioning effect is also greatly improved, thereby saving energy.

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