Advantages of aluminum folding canopy

The canopy is a common rain shelter. In the current canopy market, the materials of canopy can be divided into steel structure, iron structure, and aluminum alloy structure. The aluminum folding canopy is a popular one. Why do you say that? Mainly aluminum folding canopy has the following advantages:

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1. Assembling structure of aluminum folding canopy: The structure of aluminum folding canopy is concise and clear, as well as detailed planning, production process, and system supporting materials, which greatly shorten the production period of this aluminum folding canopy; the installation adopts modular assembly, making The construction period is greatly shortened, and energy saving and labor costs are saved from another level.
2. Strength: The selected material is T6063 strength aluminum alloy profile, the surface is electrostatic powder sprayed coating, the durability is more than 30 years; and the weight is light, equivalent to 1/10 of the general steel structure roof; so it can be satisfied with the large span of the canopy Request.
3. The aluminum folding canopy has strong plasticity: the aluminum alloy profile is flexible. When processing the European-style canopy, the bending arc is simpler and the shape is more. In addition, the aluminum folding canopy is supported by steel structure accessories, which can fully reflect the strength The combination with softness can show ever-changing shapes.
4. High and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good self-cleaning. Aluminum profiles can operate between minus 10 degrees to 40 degrees, plus light weight; the fire rating of general materials reaches B1 level; it can work normally in saline-alkali environments, and has certain self-cleaning functions. The appearance of aluminum alloy profiles It can maintain its own cleanliness in the case of rain and artificial showering.
5. The important function of aluminum folding canopy is sunshade. The top of aluminum folding canopy is made of PC endurance board with UV layer on the outside, which can resist 95% of ultraviolet rays. Aluminum folding canopy is a kind of building assembly that is installed above the entrance or exit of a building or the top balcony to prevent rain, wind, and damage from falling objects. Aluminum folding canopy series products are novel in shape, beautiful and elegant, and even more outstanding are its strong, high durability, anti-ultraviolet and temperature insulation effect.

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