What are the maintenance methods for folding marquee products

The maintenance of folding marquee products is mainly divided into two aspects: first, every season, we must conduct a targeted investigation of the hardware part of the awning; second, apply lubricating oil to the buttons, handles and knobs on schedule.

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Water and high winds are the most important reasons for the damage of folding marquee products. Under normal circumstances, these damaged cities are certified as compensation damage and are not guaranteed. Therefore, when we use folding marquee products on rainy days, we should keep them skewed. ; It is best to roll up and close when no one is using it or when there is strong wind. Otherwise, the masters know that the smooth oil is an extract of the original oil, which is harmful to the tarpaulin. Therefore, when applying the smooth oil, avoid dripping on the folding marquee tarp.
The folding marquee products commonly used in the market are made of vinyl plastic. This kind of material does not show mildew in the course of normal use. However, attachments such as tree sap and dust will accumulate in pieces on the surface of the tarp over the course of many years of use, resulting in mildew. Therefore, in order to reduce the damage level of the tarp, we need to carry out regular liquidation of the tarp. .
The dry and clean handling of the awning can be divided into two aspects: routine handling and cleaning. The former is simpler, only need to clean the tarpaulin with a hose on a regular basis (the best monthly count). Note that after cleaning the canopy, it should be dried and then rolled up to reduce the growth of bacteria.
There are tricks to cleaning. Appreciative users will first unfold the tarp, use a soft brush (or mop, sponge, etc.) to start liquidation, and then use a good dry detergent to scrub the reverse side of the folding marquee product, roll it up for a few minutes, and then unfold it. , Rinse dry with clean water, let it dry, roll it up and collect it well.

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