Classification of inflatable tube man

You must have seen this thing inflatable tube man! Although you don't know what it's called, you know it's very twisty. Let's call it inflatable tube man first. The following will take you to understand the classification of inflatable tube man.

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Classification of inflatable tube man:
1. Large inflatable toys: These toys are large in size and mainly appear in parks, such as: naughty castles, entertainment cities, inflatable arches, large inflatable models.
2. Doll inflatable toys: The shape of this kind of inflatable toys is a model of image, product shape and appearance image.
3. Small inflatable toys: These inflatable toys are small in size, diverse in shape, colorful and interesting, and are loved by children, such as inflatable animals, inflatable dolls, etc.
The inflatable tube man has always insisted on himself, and every time he shakes, he is full of self-confidence. Never care what other people think. To be free, to swing at will, isn't this the deepest desire in each of us.

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