Introduction to the protective function of Folding marquee

Folding marquee is a common daily necessities in our life. The basic advantage of Folding marquee manufacturers is that they can shield the car from wind and rain. Because it can prevent the car from being exposed to the hot sun and the bad luck of wind and rain, it indirectly prolongs the service life of the car and slows down the aging of your car.
Relevant data also proves this. According to the survey, the performance loss rate of vehicles parked in the carport is twice as slow as that of vehicles parked in the open air for a long time. It is economical to use and can obtain greater benefits with less investment.

customized Folding marquee factory
The design is beautiful and decorative. In addition to the actual effect, the current carport design is increasingly pursuing visual effects, which are like works of art, allowing people to enjoy the beauty. Especially the membrane structure Folding marquee, the curve is more soft, the shape is rich and varied, and the appearance is white and flawless, which has a decorative effect.
High safety, compared with unprotected open-air parking, Folding marquee provides a certain protection function for vehicles with its high-quality building materials, and reduces the impact loss of vehicles through strong impact resistance in the event of a crisis accident .

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