How to build a waterproof canopy

The waterproof canopy produced in the wilderness has two advantages: price and quality. Customers can customize rain-proof tents according to the styles we provide, or design and process samples by themselves. We will produce high-quality rain-proof tents with high-quality services. Let you return with satisfaction. Our production strength and scale welcome customers to visit us.

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How to build a waterproof canopy:
1. How to build a rain shelter tent: lay the tent flat on the ground, nail down the ground nails at the four corners, insert the tent pole into the support sleeve of the three-person double-layer tent, insert one end of each group into the sleeve hole, and the two groups At the same time, the other end of the rod is pulled up vigorously, and then inserted into the other sleeve hole after being tightened. Lift the tent and shake it into shape, then lay it flat on the ground and nail it.
2. How to build a rain shelter tent: Lay the inner canopy of the couple's camping tent flat on the ground, flatten it and nail it down along the bottom edge. Support the two poles from the tent, put the isolation tube on it, and then put it on the cross bar. Put on the tent jacket and undo the pull studs of the jacket to straighten the entire outer tent.
This is the end of the introduction on how to build a waterproof canopy. I hope it can help you.

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