Aluminum frame marquee manufacturers take you to understand the performance requirements of awning fabrics

Aluminum frame marquee manufacturers tell you that the awning has a wide range of uses, and correct use and daily maintenance can prolong its service life. Here's a brief introduction.

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1. First of all, corresponding inspection work should be carried out regularly to ensure that the shed of the awning manufacturer will not be damaged by the outside. Once a problem is found, it should be repaired in time and replaced when the problem is serious to avoid greater damage , because if the canopy is not found and replaced for a long time, it is often easy to cause a series of chain damage.
2. The aluminum frame marquee manufacturer tells you that with the development of technology, the design and installation of canopies are becoming more and more particular, including the basic shape design of the product and the gradual strengthening of the wind and rain protection effect. Therefore, looking at the shape of the canopy, we found that a large number of canopies pay great attention to the appearance of the design, so as to show a strong sense of design and aesthetic feeling, so as to meet the aesthetic needs of customers.
3. In terms of product quality, strive to grasp the overall solid effect, make it more resistant to wind and rain, and use it more firmly, so that it can effectively achieve the effect of cold protection and heat preservation. Aluminum frame marquee manufacturers tell you to combine the necessary mechanical principles to improve the stability and pressure resistance of the overall use.
Performance requirements for awning fabrics:
(1) The fabric should ensure constant size and no deformation.
(2) The surface of the fabric is smooth and lubricated to ensure smooth winding and avoid the phenomenon of fabric deviation, wrinkles or unsmooth winding.
(3) The fabric should have sufficient tensile and tear strength to avoid the risk of being torn under harsh weather conditions.
(4) The connection between the fabrics should adopt the hinge frequency welding process to ensure that the fabrics have sufficient strength.
(5) The fabric should have good color solidity.
(6) The manufacturer of Aluminum frame marquee tells you that the surface of the fabric should have certain anti-pollution properties, and it should be easy to clean and easy to maintain.

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