The aluminum frame marquee manufacturer will show you the installation details of the awning

Aluminum frame marquee manufacturers tell you that as the demand for awnings in some specific places increases, there are many types of awnings on the market, and they are widely used in our lives, because the awnings have high strength, high Durability, anti-ultraviolet function, but what the awning manufacturer wants to tell you is that the use effect of the awning is inseparable from its installation, so today we will briefly understand the details that need to be paid attention to when installing the awning.

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1. The aluminum frame marquee manufacturer tells you that the base layer of the waterproof sealing material must be flat, dense, moist, and must be disposed of cleanly. When there are stubbles on the surface of the base layer, use a wire brush to clean it, and then brush it with cold base oil. When the cold base oil is sticky to the hands, fill in the waterproof sealing material again. When encountering a blind seam, chisel out a 20mm×20mm groove, then brush with cold base oil, and insert waterproof sealing material.
2. The aluminum frame marquee manufacturer tells you that the waterproof sealing material is kneaded into 20mm thin short strips, stuffed into the seam with force, and then compacted piece by piece with a caulking tool to prevent gaps, separation and sagging, etc. Brush the surface with cold base oil again, compact and smooth. Matters needing attention: pay attention to the waterproof sealing material embedded in the gaps on the balcony, sunshade board and side elevation.
3. Pay attention to the sealing material embedded in the joints of the awning board and the cracks at the lower part of the awning pressure wall, and no mistakes are allowed. The aluminum frame marquee manufacturer tells you to apply a mortar cap on the top of the joint; when making a second felt oil waterproof layer on the awning board, roll up the felt along the root of the wall.
The requirements for the installation of awnings are the ones mentioned above. You must know that our large-scale construction is to ensure the safety and firmness of subsequent use. Therefore, the aluminum frame marquee manufacturer recommends that you must find a professional to operate and install or in a professional The installation is carried out under the guidance of the personnel, and the on-site operators should do a good job of inspection to give everyone a safe and secure space.

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