How to put away the Dome tent

Many people bought a Dome tent for convenience, but they don't know how to put it away. In fact, it is very simple. The way to stow the Dome tent is to put the tent down, connect it diagonally, twist the tent into 8, fold it in half, fix it and put it in the bag.

customized Dome tent factory
1. Tent down: Pick up the Dome tent upside down.
2. Diagonal connection: Connect the diagonal fasteners at the bottom of the pole together to form a circle.
3. Twist the tent into 8: Hold the Dome tent 1/2 with both hands, fold the tent into a figure 8 shape, and the auxiliary action "twist".
4. Fold in half: Fold the figure 8 in half to form a small circle.
5. Fix and put in the bag: Use the rope to fix the pole, and put the Dome tent into the bag.
The above is how the Dome tent manufacturer tells you how to put away the tent. I hope these experiences will be helpful to you~

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