How to set up a Dome tent

Dome tent can provide more head space and can better withstand strong winds in the wild, so it is widely used by many people who are camping in the wild. Today I will teach you how to build a Dome tent.

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1. Find a clean and flat place, remove stones and debris, and then spread out the tarpaulin.
2. Open the Dome tent and first confirm whether the zippers of the tent are in good condition, especially the zipper at the door. Choose the direction of the door, try not to choose the windward direction.
3. Assemble the bracket. According to the structure of the poles, many poles can be straightened into a long pole.
4. First put one of the brackets into the buckles at the two diagonal bottom corners of the inner tent, and then buckle the inner tent buckles on the brackets one by one.
5. Fasten another bracket according to the method in step 4, and then tie it to the Dome tent bracket with a rope.
6. If it is likely to rain, put a tent on the outside of the tent sleeve and buckle the bottom end of the tent into the four bottom corner pockets of the Dome tent.
7. Fix the Dome tent. Secure the four corners of the tent to the ground with nails or weights.
Do you know? The poles of Dome tent are generally made of steel pipe, elastic steel, plastic steel fiberglass, and aluminum alloy.

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