What are the ways to pay off Curved stretch Wall

Curved stretch Wall manufacturers tell you that many family room designs now use lines more, because lines will make the room more design, but this will be difficult for our bricklayers. Next, Curved stretch Wall manufacturers will be online The skills are summarized, come and take a look!

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There are two ways to pay off Curved stretch Wall.
1. Make a stereotyped template with plywood, lay the template flat on the base of the masonry, find the datum points at both ends of the arc and fix it firmly. Draw lines on both sides of the module on the base of the masonry to get the Curved stretch Wall control line. This method is suitable for chimneys, water towers and other shapes with small diameters and small arcs.
2. For the Curved stretch wall with larger diameter and gentler arc, it is advisable to divide the arc into several small sections by the chord distance method, and then connect the ends of these small sections with elastic lines. The principle of the chord distance method is to know the circle radius R, the chord length a, and the distance between the arc midpoint and the chord midpoint h=R- R2-. Measure h vertically at the midpoint of the chord to divide it into two arcs, and then divide it in this way until the connection between the points has no hard bends. For arcs with too long chords, first use the theodolite method to divide the arc into several line segments that can be measured, and then use the chord distance method to set the line.
2. Arrange the bricks and put them at the bottom. The masonry of Curved stretch Wall is generally controlled by double-sided lines. Before masonry, level with masonry mortar or fine stone concrete. Then use dry bricks to lay the bottom, and adjust the width of the vertical mortar joints evenly, and then you can formally build.
3. For laying line masonry, if the brick masonry is an infill wall, it should be controlled by hanging vertical lines. There are curved beams on the top and elastic lines on the bottom. Use nails to hang small lines on the outside of the wall at a distance of 1000mm. Then level them uniformly. Use paper clips to clamp the vertical hanging lines. Not only can the level of the masonry be controlled, but also And can also be used as a leather count pole. When laying masonry, look down at the edge and look up at the paperclip, the bricks are easy to get in and out. Masonry Curved stretch Wall generally does not hang horizontal lines. Every wall is about 1000mm. The verticality of the wall is maintained according to the designated position. The verticality of the wall is mainly controlled by the bricklayer's technology. Check it at any time during masonry. 4. Curved stretch wall has two types of construction. If the wall thickness is 240mm, the full and quincunx forms can be used. The full-screed form is used for Curved stretch Wall masonry with a smaller arc and smaller diameter, that is, only when the bricks are full-screwed can the vertical joints of the bricks meet the requirements of the specification at the same time. The quincunx form is suitable for the masonry of curved walls with gentle arcs and larger diameters, so that the vertical joints inside and outside of the combined wall can meet the requirements of the specification at the same time, and the speed of masonry can be increased.
6. Masonry method Curved stretch Wall is a difficult part of the masonry project. The "Trinity" bricklaying method adapts to the needs of Curved stretch Wall building. Therefore, the "Trinity" bricklaying method should be adopted for Curved stretch Wall masonry. 

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