Outdoor outing to bring new artifact

Charging backpack


In spring the flowers open, is a good time to go out. In addition to the tent, barbecue grill, outdoor products also more and more "smart", to meet your demand of beer and skittles, safe and convenient, greatly increasing outdoor players "corruption index".


The future intelligent brush "face"


To prevent "fake face"


Recently, Intel annual summit ended in shenzhen. As one of the highlights of the IDF, nearly 30 money and networking products and solutions obtained on display at the meeting, covering multiple intelligence. Intelligent transportation: panoramic parking avoid blind Angle


A panoramic view of the future parking system is a used in automobile safety assistant driving system of the application of, not only has super computing ability, can support multiple ADAS applications software definition, car level gauge chip also can meet the job requirements of all kinds of harsh environments, and support 3 d video synthesis image at the same time, still can real-time response, avoid blind Angle, realize safe parking.


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