Several principles of outdoor equipment of choose and buy

1, the principle of need. Buy something, buy the things what level and function, when to buy is the first principle are in need, also is only buy things, you need only when you need to buy, other time to suppress their purchase desire and impulse.


2, practical principles. Now many outdoor brands, domestic brands are also many, for those just starting new donkey, if started just put some common peaks, 4000 meters below the general domestic equipment can is enough to deal with.


3, the principle of cost-effective. Actually foreign famous brand products and the quality differences between domestic brands and no they price difference so big, and some foreign brands in China's price is very high, price is very low. If you must buy foreign brands, had better be in these brand discounts or special offers to buy.


4, the principle of step by step. Mountaineering always go through a process from junior to senior, not everyone can go to climb mountains above 8000 metres. Therefore, in the different stages of equipment requirements are different, we should follow the principle of step by step, in the primary stage just want to buy some of the basic equipment, and in some high-altitude climbing hard snow mountain, only need to buy some corresponding equipped.


5, the principle of our strengths. Everyone's economic foundation is different, to buy what brand of equipment also look at their own economic strength, our strengths. Some people wear the glue, plastic bags can also be easily an 4000 meters below the mountain.

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