What are the skeletons of Octagonal marquee frame

With the development of technology. Umbrellas have also changed, from oil-paper umbrellas before to umbrellas with a wide variety of patterns. Octagonal marquee frame With the change of the umbrella surface, the ribs of the Octagonal marquee frame have also changed. In the past, most of the ribs were wood and bamboo ribs. Later, there were iron, steel, and aluminum alloy bones (also called fiber bones). ), electric bone and resin bone. Let's analyze it in detail for everyone!

Cheapest Octagonal marquee frame Wholesale Price
1. Advantages of aluminum bone: light weight and low price.
2. Advantages of chemical fiber bone: light weight, durable and strong in wind resistance.
3. Advantages of carbon fiber bone: light weight. Disadvantages: General wind resistance, the price is the most expensive of all materials.
4. Advantages of wooden bones: Traditional Chinese umbrellas are often used.
5. Advantages of iron bones: strong and durable, and slightly more expensive than aluminum bones.
According to the number of the Octagonal marquee frame, it is also divided into 7 bones, 8 bones, 10 bones, 12 bones, 16 bones, 24 bones, etc. The more bones, the stronger the quality.
Different companies can choose different Octagonal marquee frame materials according to their different needs. We can give you some suggestions to ensure the quality of the umbrella and the high cost performance!

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