How to buy Octagonal marquee frame

1. Fabric: When we buy Octagonal marquee frame, we need to pay attention to the fabric. The texture of the fabric is obviously thinner and sparse. This kind of Octagonal marquee frame has poor sun protection effect. Generally speaking, polyester has better UV protection.

customized Octagonal marquee frame from China manufacturer
2. Shrinkage: Fabrics generally have shrinkage, so when we buy Octagonal marquee frame, we can choose a bigger one.
3. Color: When choosing Octagonal marquee frame, many people like to choose white Octagonal marquee frame. In fact, the darker the Octagonal marquee frame, the better its UV protection effect, although the darker Octagonal marquee frame has a heat absorption effect. So we can choose a compromise, choose light blue, light pink Octagonal marquee frame, this kind of umbrella has better UV resistance.
4. Technology: Under normal circumstances, the Octagonal marquee frame has anti-ultraviolet effect due to the treatment of the fabric by the manufacturer. In a certain period, some manufacturers will apply a layer of silver glue on the Octagonal marquee frame, which can reflect a certain amount When UPF>50, it has the best UV protection effect.
V. Brand: When we buy Octagonal marquee frame, we can choose a more well-known product design according to our own preferences.
The commercial Octagonal marquee frame brand type of some enterprises not only has the guarantee of quality, but also attracts the attention of consumers. They choose the type of Octagonal marquee frame with high cost performance. How to choose and buy Octagonal marquee frame? It is necessary to consider what kind of Octagonal marquee frame is better in terms of color, technology, fabric, shrinkage, etc. You can learn more about these contents.

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