Precautions for installation of aluminum frame marquee

Aluminum frame marquee is also called exhibition tent, four-legged tent, activity tent, outdoor tent. Its brand-new advertising carrier has unique LOGO printing and heat transfer effect, which makes the advertisement to the extreme. The easy-to-carry mobile tent is suitable for outdoor exhibitions, exhibitions, celebrations, open-air banquets, tourism and leisure. Do you know what are the precautions for installing aluminum frame marquee? Let's take everyone to find out.

customized aluminum frame marquee from China manufacturer
Precautions for aluminum frame marquee installation:
1.When loading and unloading aluminum frame marquee, handle it gently and don't throw it away.
2. Be careful when opening the package, don't blindly scrape the tarpaulin with a knife.
3.When stacking, it should be placed upright, do not stack, to prevent accidental crushing and tearing of the cloth top.
4. Before using aluminum frame marquee, you should check whether the screws on the cross tube are tightened.
5. When it is found that any bracket of the aluminum frame marquee is bent or deformed, it should be stopped immediately, repaired, and the operation can be continued after the troubleshooting.
6. When the aluminum frame marquee is used for outdoor display operations, special attention should be paid to wind protection. When the guards leave temporarily, the aluminum frame marquee feet should be lowered to the first section. That is: the inner leg is retracted into the outer leg to be effective Prevent wind damage.
When several tents are operated in a row, the tent legs adjacent to the aluminum frame marquee and aluminum frame marquee should be tied up with ties or ropes to make them as a whole to strengthen their wind resistance.
8.Do not wrap the two tent legs with tape when binding, otherwise the residue of the tape will seriously affect the up and down sliding of the sleeve on the aluminum frame marquee feet.

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